A:Absolutely not! More and more people use lubricants for a range of fun activities and a better overall sex experience. Lubricants make sex more pleasurable and memorable no matter who you are or what you’re into.

A:Play & Joy lubricants can be used on any part of human body, and it’s even safe if you accidentally ingest it.

A:All Play & Joy products are water soluble. So it is very safe to use Play & Joy lubricants with condoms and will not affect the integrity of the condom.

A:Yes. Absolutely. Many people use Play & Joy lubricants with vibrators for added sensation and extra joy. Play & Joy lubricants can be used with any kind of vibrator, and can easily be washed away with clean water.

A:There’s no fixed rule for this question. Try different amounts on your own or with a partner. If you’re a first time user, we suggest you put some Play & Joy lubricant on your fingertip and gently apply to your sex organs. You can apply Play & Joy lubricants before wearing a condom or after wear a condom. If you do use Play & Joy lubricants before putting on a condom, using a large amount may increase the risk of the condom slipping off during sex.

A:The design concept of our products are based on people orients, we love the user getting pretty and enjoy our product with more healthy body and mental.

A:Play & Joy lubricants will not impede prevent pregnancy. However, just as all other lubricants in the market, the speed of sperm may be affected. We suggest you not use too much if you or your partner are trying for a baby. You can also consult your doctor before use for more information.

A:Play & Joy lubricants comply with GMP standards which require the most strict manufacturing process in the industry. Our products are the safest and highest quality products available! We use superior ingredients and a science based approach to take your sex experience to the next level! Try Play & Joy lubricants and you’ll notice the difference immediately!

A:Play & joy lubricants are not just for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness. Our products can also be used to heighten your intimate experience with your partner. Lubricants in addition to your natural lubrication can make sex feel even better! And sex with condoms and Play & Joy feels great too! Just try once and experience the difference for yourself.

A:Vaginal dryness is most often the result of decreased estrogen levels. Levels of this hormone may be influenced by many factors, including the onset of menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding or even smoking or dietary changes. Of course, lubricants can help women experiencing vaginal dryness to enjoy sex without discomfort.

A:All play & joy lubricants are safe and will cause no harm if accidentally ingested. Play & Joy lubricants don’t contain artificial dies or anything else unsafe for oral consumption.

A:Play & joy lubricants are P.H 5.5 and can be used in any part of the human body. They will not change the vagina’s P.H. So there’s no need to worry about increased chances of bacterial infection or vaginal inflammation.