Brand Story

Behind the brand “play & joy” or “PJ”, is focusing on medical and aesthetic medicine’s facilities and cosmetic products in the very beginning since 2013.  One day in 2013, a beautiful coincident bring PJ in to the lubricant industry.

An inspiration from one of our customers led us to start doing the survey to the most lubes in marketplace and finding out 99% ingredients of them are chemical-made. We learnt that it is harmful to human body and even against the spirit of having sex – for mental & physical health. Through team discussions, choosing the nature material as ingredient and combine the medical grade equipment then integrate the manufacturing concepts of medicines and skincare products, the positive and harmless products are created out with the strong dedication.

PJ lubricants are the very few products in the world made out from all the natural herbal ingredients based on the philosophy from our team consisting of professors and biotech professionals. The criteria of development and manufacture is set as same as those making biotech products such as cosmetics and skincare products in order for the carefree use. For example, the major materials are the CE organic ingredients, and all products are packed in the clean room in accordance with GMPC, GMPC-ASEAN, and ISO22716 and SGS passed.

Come alone with numerous comments and feedback, play & joy has been the first position in local lubricant market and the company revenue is increasing continuously.

Certificate for Safety & Natural

All products have undergone over 300 tests conducted by CE, SGS and RoHS to ensure compliance with stringent global product safety directives. Our products are produced and quality controlled under ISO 22716 pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

✔ CE certified
✔ SGS certified
✔ ROHS certified
✔ FDA cleared
✔ No parabens
✔ No petrochemicals
✔ No heavy metals
✔ No harmful ingredients
✔ No plasticizer
✔ No GMO ingredients
✔ Safe for oral sex
✔ Safe for condoms